Coed Surf Coaching


 Welcome to a Once-in-a-lifetime Experience

Swell and wind directions will define the sailing itinerary, in search of the best waves across 5 different atolls, more than 300kms of the Maldivian Archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Together, with our family & team of professionals.

Maldives, Indian Ocean

29th October - 7th November (11 days)

Check in: 29th October 10:00 am; Velana International Airport, Malé Maldives

Check out: 7th November 18:00 pm; Velana International Airport, Malé Maldives

Maximum 10 surfer guests

Intermediate surfers

The minimum requirement is to catch you own waves and surf along the wall of the wave. All surfboards welcome.

Shared cabin 7420 USD per person

Sold out

La Familia

For us the experience becomes unique not by the destination, but by the people you get to share the experience with.

That is why we take a lot of pride in joining efforts & passion with the local community, no one can share their culture and home as them.

Stoked to announce this special collaboration: Kassia Meador & Leah Dawson joining forces with our tribe to put together this rad Salty Sensations edition all the way from the Californian beaches to the Maldives, in collaboration with the local NGO Raalhu Edhuru.

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Kassia Meador

Leah Dawson

Ismail Miglal

Dhahau Naseem (Annu)

Silvia San Laureano

Sarah Lee

And many more amazing local guests and activists that will share their knowledge and experience with us, so as to get closer to the authentic Maldives.

Surf Performance


Kassia & Leah have been friends for over 20 years, have traveled the world together. Each have over 25 years of knowledge in surf technique and experience, and both competed at the world level for over 10 years. Thrilled to bring their vibrant energy, experience and knowledge, an opportunity to focus on new elements and tips with perfect waves to practice.

Video Analysis

Allows the surfer to visualise and understand how to improve their surfing. Annu will film the waves surfed, after the session we will go through everyone ́s waves in detail on a screen. Day of arrival it will be free surfing, no video analysis, to get used to the waves.

Guided Surfing

Kassia, Leah, Issey & Silvia will be in the water, guiding through the session. Where to sit at the line up, where to trim the wave and do the manoeuvres for a more efficient ride, are some points will work with you in the session.

Giving Back

We will have opportunities to do island clean ups as well as participate teaching surfing to local kids on some remote islands with the NGO Raalhu Edhuru.

Aya Naseem, a local female surfer and scientist at the Maldives Coral Institute, will share understandings and opportunities of what to do to help with the tragic coral situation.

A donation per guest will be shared with the local NGO Raalhu Edhuru, for social projects, we will keep you informed with the activities run.

What is Included

  • Private luxurious sailing charter with crew, captain, skipper and chef (plus a team of 12 experienced staff members) offering a delightful stay;
  • Accommodation (11 days, 10 nights) in our luxury sailing charter (shared or private cabin) with full board (3 delicious healthy meals, afternoon snack, plus water, tea/coffee);
  • World-Class surf breaks for intermediate surfers onwards;
  • Three boats (main boat, auxiliary boat the dhoni & dingy);
  • Local experienced surf guide, athlete & surf coach, Kuda Issey;
  • Daily surf coaching with Kassia & Leah (video analysis, guided surfing);
  • Professional photographer on board;
  • Professional videographer on board;
  • Daily restorative surf yoga with Silvia;
  • Meditation and restorative sound techniques with Kassia;
  • Presentations on environmental & social issues with local experts;
  • Snorkeling & fishing in crystal clear waters;
  • Visit uninhabited islands/beaches;
  • Opportunities to give back through environmental & social activities;
  • Some goodies;
  • Footage of your surfing waves on digital copy;
  • Lifts to airport/charter/airport (as a group);
  • Domestic flight from Malé International Airport to Central Atolls with checked in luggage up to 20kg (excess luggage 2 USD/kilo)
  • All current applicable taxes included.

What is not included

  • International flights;
  • Beverages, softdrinks & alcohol (to be payed on board);
  • Photo package;
  • Tips for crew;
  • Surf travel & health insurance with cancellation;
  • PCRs.

Sold out

Our Home in the Indian Ocean

We will be sailing across the Indian Ocean on this 34 m luxury yacht.  Each of the 10 spacious cabins have ensuite toilet with hot/cold shower and a/c. All dietary requirements can be catered, prior early notice.

This boat allows a smooth and cruisy sailing journey. You will enjoy stunning sunrises and sunsets. Not to speak about the yoga on the top deck as the stars fill up the sky.


Much More Than a Trip

Yoga &

Sound Healing Practices

Plenty of Surfing


New Surfing Familia


Wild Life


Shared Cabin 7420 USD

Private Cabin 8420 USD

Non-surfer accompanying a surfer 2820 USD

Sold out

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to bring my own surfboard?

Yes its a must, we are going to have an adventure exploring the remote Indian Ocean, nowhere to rent a board.

We recommend you to bring at least two surfboards, in case something happens. You know how boards are sometimes handled at airports, also things happen in the water too.

If this is a problem, please notify our team with time, so we can arrange an alternative solution with our local partners.

What else do I need to bring regarding surfing?
At least two-three good leashes, to make sure they will resist. Plenty of tropical wax. At least two sets of fins. Remember its an adventure in the remote Indian Ocean, we won´t find any surf shops…just coconuts 😉

Note: we highly recommend you to bring reef booties, no matter your level. Its good to have them with you, just in case.

Are there any pre-requisites to join?
If you want to make the most of the surfing, we recommend you to be a confident surfer, so you will be able to train and improve your technique, style, power, etc.

If you just want to join us, cruise, enjoy, go with the flow…you are more than welcome to come along.

If you are a beginner or low intermediate, keen to join, and you are aware that possibly the waves will be big, and you will have to either sit wide open or on the boat; if you feel comfortable with this, you are welcome to join this adventure. We will encounter lots of different type of waves, however beginner/low intermediates will not be able to surf most days. If you are comfortable with that, happy with sailing, swimming, snorkeling, chilling, hanging out with like-minded women and keen to have a blast, and listen to our recommendations regarding surfing…then we are stoked to have you on board.

Is there an age limit/requirement?
You must be 18 years old to book a trip by yourself.

Minors are welcomed on our family trips, or on our kids surf coaching trips. Please contact us for more information.

Am I too old to join?
Excuse me? We have been joined by 65 year old women who were younger in spirit than some of the 20 year olds we know.

Most of our guests range between 30 and 55 years old.

I do not have with who to travel...is it a problem?
These group surf trips were originally put together for solo surfers who want to travel the world in search of waves, but want to do it with like-minded surf buddies.

If you are waiting for a friend to join you, our recommendation is “just go”, the people joining our trips are with similar circumstances to you.

If I do not surf...can I join?
Yes you can join us, however be aware there will be no surf lessons for beginners, nor no pushing people into waves.

We will sail, cruise, relax, snorkel, visit uninhabited islands, practice yoga, meditation…and while we are surfing, the guests who do not surf but want to be close to us, can snorkel around or hang at the dhoni (the auxiliary boat that will be anchored beside the surfbreak).

Shortboard? Longboard?
Everyone is welcome to join! We have both longboarders and shortboarders on board. Some of our guests bring different kind of boards to play around with.

This trip is aimed for longboards and retro surfing, however, everyone is welcomed.


Is there WIFI?
Our recommendation is to buy a SIM card at the airport upon arrival. There are several packages of 15 Gigs and 30 Gigs, pretty reliable if you need to work or speak with your family.
Can I work from my laptop?
Sure you can if you buy a SIM card at the airport upon arrival. There are several packages of 15 Gigs and 30 Gigs, pretty reliable if you need to work or speak with your family. While crossing the big channels we might not have much reception, it may last for 2-3 hours.
Dietary Requirements
All dietary requirements can be catered, but they need to be informed in advance. Preferable inform our team when you book.
Do I need to bring snorkel, mask and fins?
We would advise to bring along your own mask and snorkel as this means you’ll be assured your mask fits your face properly and is comfortable and less likely to have leakage.  We find that peace of mind goes a long way. A mask and snorkel is small and light and should take up very little space in your suitcase.

Fins are available on the boat. This means you won’t have to try and find room for them in your bag and leaves you space for other essentials!

Do I need to arrive one day early?
There is no need for you to arrive one day early, unless your air travel itinerary is long and you want to be fresh for the trip.

If you decide you want to arrive early in order to rest and become acclimatized to the weather, we can help you book a hotel close to the airport with pick up and drop off.

When & where do we meet on the first day?

We will meet at Malé Velana International Airport, at 10 am on the 29th of October. 


When & where do we finish on the last day?
We will finish at Malé Velana International Airport, in the afternoon on the 7th of November. Domestic flights have not been published yet, apologies for the inconvenience. We suggest that the flight out of Malé should be late in the afternoon/evening.


How much cash do I need?

This depends on personal preferences.

Almost everything will be covered: accommodation, meals (water, tea, coffee), airport transfer to the boat (as a group).

Here are some things you might need cash money for:

– alcohol, softdrinks;

– bottled water (we recommend to refill for environmental reasons);

– photo package (300 USD);

– tips (5-10 USD per day);

– SIM card (50 USD for 30 gigs)

On the boat you will be able to pay with credit card. Tips should be given to the captain and crew in cash.

Local Currency and Banking in the Maldives
The Maldives has a non-convertible currency – Maldivian Rufiyaa – this cannot be purchased beforehand.

One US Dollar is equivalent to aprox 15.5 Rufiyaa. The US Dollar is accepted as legal tender. All major credit cards can be used.

The national bank, Bank of Maldives has a branch and an ATM in Male’ International Airport.

The banks in the Maldives are very particular about the condition of bank notes and will refuse deposits of old style USD$, even though still an active currency, damaged notes, badly creased or well-worn notes will also be rejected. Therefore, if presenting such a note as form of payment you may be requested to change to a note of better condition. Please do not take offence, it is purely that the note will have no worth to the individual to whom you are paying. Also, note that small bills .i.e. $1 and $5 have a lower exchange value, as the Bank of Maldives charges for small notes to be deposited.

If you are happy with the services provided by the boat crew a tip – though not compulsory – is appropriate. While it may not be customary to you, it is of great significance to the people who will take care of you during your travels and inspires excellent service. The amount to tip is always subject to your satisfaction with the service provided, and your budget. As a rough guide, we recommend you budget $10 – $20 a day extra for the duration of the holiday which you can use as tipping money at your discretion.
Maldives Standard Time is GMT/UTC + 5 and during BST + 4

Note some resorts operate Island Time, which is 1 hour ahead of Maldives standard time.

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is compulsory on all of our trips.

You can buy an insurance package to suit you and your travel plans, allowing you to depart on your holiday confident that you are covered. We recommend our clients to get quality travel insurance with a well-known company: Blue-Cross, Manulife, Escapade, RBC, TravelGuard, etc. You should check the small print in the policy to make sure activities like surfing, snorkeling are covered. You need to be covered for medical expenses abroad and any emergency repatriation that may be required due to your illness/injury. We also recommend that you take out cancellation cover and baggage cover.

IMPORTANT: We must have your travel insurance details (policy number, issuing company details, and emergency telephone number) before you depart or you may not be allowed to join the trip. 

Additional information
Booking Information

A video-call must be organized with the team, in order to be invited to book your space in this adventure. To fully confirm your spot, a non-refundable deposit is needed. 

Private and shared rooms availability are on a first-come, first-served basis. Please book your reservations early to receive your preferred accommodation. 

Travel & Flight Information
Please confirm availability with our team, before booking your flights. The flights are not included in the package. We do offer concierge services to help you make all the arrangements needed.

If you decide to extend your stay, we can assist you to book your desired vacation in our luxurious resort recommendations.

Travel Documentation & Insurance Policy
To enter the Maldives, your passport must have 6 months validity from departure date. Most of the countries are not required to issue a visa to enter, it is granted upon arrival. During the check-in of your flight, you might be asked to show a return ticket from Maldives. All clients must purchase a medical & travel insurance to join any of our surf experiences. We highly recommend to purchase your insurance with cancelation policy.
Maldives Entry Requirements with Covid-19

Citizens/residents from most countries are currently allowed to enter Maldives by air. Passengers traveling as tourists arriving from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan or Sri Lanka are not allowed to enter.

Quarantine not required.

Specific entry requirements that must be met:

1) Mandatory Maldives PCR Test for Entry

All tourists traveling to Maldives in COVID-19 must take a mandatory PCR TEST (nucleic acid nasal & throat) taken no more than 96 hours before the departure time of the first ticketed flight to Maldives, counting from the first port of embarkation en-route to the Maldives. If the tourist makes a transit during the journey, the initial PCR test will be valid if the transit does not exceed 24 hours. If the tourist makes a transit exceeding 24 hours, the passenger must repeat the PCR test within 96 hours prior to embarkation at the port of transit.

Maldives Immigration requires the Negative PCR test results to show the name of the passenger (name as in passport), name & address of testing laboratory, testing officer & testing officer signature, type of test stated as a PCR test, date & time of sampling, result.

Tourists who have completed the full vaccination process and hold a valid vaccination certificate for a vaccine approved by the World Health Organisation are still required to take a mandatory PCR test for entry to Maldives when traveling to Maldives in COVID-19.

The PCR test result should be submitted through the IMUGA portal within 24 hours prior to departure to Maldives. In addition, the lab result should be presented in paper or electronic format during the airline check-in.

2) Pre-fill Online Health Declaration Form

The Health Declaration Form must be pre-filled 0-24 hours before traveling to Maldives. The Negative PCR Test results must be attached.

Recommended to take a screenshot of the form’s QR Code upon completion.

A separate form must be pre-filled 0-24hrs prior to your departure from Maldives . Take a screenshot y of the new QR code again upon departure as it’s required to enter the departures hall for flight check in.

3) Confirmed Reservation & Return Flights

Travelers must have a confirmed reservation at our  licensed accommodation facility when traveling to Maldives (including a resort, liveaboard, guesthouse, that is approved by the Ministry of Tourism in conjunction with safe tourism guidelines).

4) Passport Validity

Passport must have 6 months validity from departure date for entry.


Exit Requirements
There are some countries which do require a negative PCR test before check in. Speak with our Reservations team, so it can be organized in advance.
There is a lot of information out there about COVID-19, sometimes contradictory. Please reach out to us with any concern or question you may have, we are here to assist and provide you with a hassle free booking process. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Cancellation Policy due to Covid-19

We want to make the booking process as re-assuring as possible.

In the extenuating circumstances that the entire group trip needs to be rescheduled to new travel dates, due to international border closures and/or restrictions due to Covid-19, all funds paid will be rolled over to the new travel dates. New dates will be discussed with all attendees before being confirmed. If attendees are unable to attend on new proposed group travel dates, existing booking payments will become credit for other The Ocean Spell signature group trips (value to exclude any group fees previously utilised to a third party supplier). Credit not redeemable for refund.

It is mandatory to purchase travel and health insurance with cancellation cover, that in the event of individual attendee tests positive for Covid-19  in the days prior to the trip departure, the insurance provider will refund the credit, always with the proper evidence and proof. The Ocean Spell or our providers cannot refund the money, that is why it is mandatory to be covered for such circumstances. We do know various good insurance providers and we also work with some excellent products, please get in touch with our team.

Non-Covid related refunds. If you cancel 90 days or less before the trip departure date, we will reimburse any payments made to us (excluding admin fee and any non-refundable monies paid to third party suppliers), as long as we are able to resell the place(s) that we have been holding for you. The reimbursement can be either in the form of a refund or held in credit for a future booking. Either way, we will retain a $200 admin fee per person. We will be able to offer a partial refund (excluding admin fee and any non-refundable monies paid to third party suppliers) only  if we are able to resell the place(s).

Please note that fear to travel due to Covid is not a valid reason for cancellation or for any insurance provider.

Payment Procedure
Payments can be done through Paypal or bank transfer.
A 3% fee will be added to all payments made using Paypal.
All payments must be done in USD.
Activities & Risk
All the activities supplied carry with them a degree of risk both to people and equipment, even though enjoyed under proper supervision by qualified instructors. Some activities require those taking part to have a reasonable standard of health and fitness. All clients must inform of any medical conditions, illnesses or allergies they may have and any prescribed medication they might be taking prior booking. No one should participate in any activity if they are suffering from a heart condition or are pregnant. No client should in any circumstances take part in an activity while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication, which may adversely affect their physical abilities.
Contract & Liability Release Forms
After reserving your space, we will send out the Contract and the Liability Release Forms for you to fill up and sign before starting the trip.
There will be NO exceptions for this policy.
Additional Travel Recommendations
Once you book your surf adventure, along with your Contract and Liability Release Forms, you will receive an electronic Welcome Kit with helpful information you might need , including:  tips on how to pack, local currency, local traditions & how to respect them, etc.