Booking General Terms & Conditions

Please take the time to read and understand the general conditions indicated below before booking a trip with us, The Ocean Spell. It is recommended that you also read the details included in the dossier related to your trip before booking to make sure you understand the itinerary, the style of travel and the physical demands of the trip you are undertaking.

​The Contract between you and The Ocean Spell, described below, is made subject to the following Terms and Conditions (please note that each trip will have its own Particular Terms and Conditions document and that you will have to sign agreeing with the conditions of the trip).



These general conditions bind the parties and constitute the contract together with the particular conditions that are agreed upon or that appear in the travel documentation/dossier. Additional information, if this is the case, and / or possible changes or modifications will be communicated to the client in the specific documentation of each trip, integrating the content of the contract.

Booking any of our trips or any custom trip organised by The Ocean Spell implies the total acceptance of these general conditions and particular conditions given with the trip documentation.


“The Ocean Spell” is the trading name of the surf travel agency run by Silvia De San Laureano,  Fiscal Identification Number (NIF): 25734804N. The license title of Tourism under which we operate is C.I.AN-297089-2. The Supervising Touristic Authority is the Dirección General de Planificación Turística. 

The Ocean Spell is an online travel agency, its postal address is:
C/Francisco Rueda Perez nº2-4ºA
Málaga 29007, Spain.

​Email: info@theoceanspell.com

You, the user, declare that you are over 18 years of age, and have the necessary legal capacity to contract the services offered in accordance with these general conditions. In case of contracting by a minor, The Ocean Spell will not be in any case responsible, being at all times the minor, his parents or guardians who will be responsible for the legal consequences and the expenses that may arise from this. 

A “product” or “trip” is any service sold and offered by The Ocean Spell, Surf Travel Agency. All clients will be deemed to have read, understood, and accepted all booking conditions upon registering for a The Ocean Spell, travel product.

Applicable regulation and formation of a binding contract

These General Conditions are subject to the provisions of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, (BOE 287, of November 30, 2007), and other provisions in force.

The contractual relationship between the organizing agency and the client is governed by these general conditions, by the particular clauses agreed in the travel contract and by the trip’s technical sheet (dossier) detailing its final content.

​The Ocean Spell will confirm your booking only once we receive your deposit in our bank account and have  your consent of the booking terms  by email accepting all the booking terms, both general and particular of the trip, formalising the contract.

Booking your trip

The guest interested in booking a trip will do a request through the website www.theoceanspell.com, email or telephone. Once the final program and the price of the trip have been accepted, The Ocean Spell (we) will request from the consumer (you) a deposit for the full final price, applicable, depending on the product/service purchased. Only when the guest’s deposit is received in The Ocean Spell bank account, the reservation will be confirmed. Particular information will be mentioned in the dossier and Particular Booking Terms of the trip. This deposit will not be refundable in case of cancellation by the client. 

​As a The Ocean Spell customer, you agree to provide The Ocean Spell with complete and accurate information including legal name, ID, mailing address, telephone number(s) and email address, at the time your booking is being formalised and to update this information within 15 days of any change. Providing false information shall be cause for immediate termination of your reservation.

Special requirements (e.g. dietary or medical requirements) must be identified at time of booking, and again at check-in. When you book a product with The Ocean Spell for other people, you accept these terms and conditions for yourself and for the people for whom you book the product.  It is your responsibility to inform the other clients and make sure they have read, understood, and agreed to these terms.  If you will not use the product that you book, you must provide The Ocean Spell with the contact details of the people who will use the trip.

If The Ocean Spell can not offer the requested trip and offers the consumer an alternative trip, the contract will be perfected if the consumer accepts the change within 48 hours. In case of not accepting such change, the deposit will be returned to the traveler, in 14 days from the date of confirmation of return of money.

These conditions will also be applicable when the consumer requests the preparation of a customized trip.

Your personal details

So as to confirm the trip, the traveler must provide all the requested details together with the balance of the total price of the trip. The necessary details include the full name according to passport, date of birth, nationality, passport number and expiration date and any pre-existing medical conditions  that may affect your ability to complete the trip. On some more demanding trips we also require you to complete and submit a self-assessment form. Your reservation can not be confirmed without giving these details. The data must be correct and the full names. Any error that occurs in the name or any other data provided by the client that entails extra costs, visa problems through customs or any other problem attributable, will be at your cost.


Once the final program and the price of the trip have been accepted, The Ocean Spell will request a deposit which will determined on the particular terms of the experience purchased. The client will request the reservation number and when making the payment by bank, you will include in the concept of the deposit: the mentioned reservation number, as well as name and surname of the person travelling. If no such payment is made, the agency will understand that you waive the completion of the combined trip, subject to the conditions set forth in section Cancellations. The details for the payment are on the dossier of the trip. Any fees must be payed on your behalf, not shared. Payments should be done in USD, unless stated in the terms.

The remaining amount must be paid when the Particular Terms of the trip specifies in the dossier. It is very important that your final payment reaches The Ocean Spell by the due date to avoid cancellations of bookings and/or services. Please contact us after you have made any payments to verify The Ocean Spell has received the payment. Non payment of the final balance by the due date entitles The Ocean Spell to cancel the booking and any monies paid by the client shall be forfeited. No refund will be made for services not used voluntarily by the guest. If the reservation occurs within two months prior to the departure of the trip, the full payment must be made immediately, that is, at the time of confirmation of the reservation.

Final price

Our travel prices are subject to variable and seasonal prices, a common practice in the travel sector. Although your holiday price is correct at the time of your enquiry or booking, taxes, surcharges or currency fluctuation may change at any time at the discretion of the airline, government body or authority, local operator, hotel, resort or charter boat, all of which may affect prices that have been provided. Group numbers can vary which may directly influence individual prices and group viability of some services which can result in services or prices being cancelled or adjusted. 

The Ocean Spell reserves the right to adjust quotes and invoices so that the client contributes to any additional increases, up to 30 days before the departure date, due to unforeseen and unfavorable changes such as variations in exchange rates, other transport costs, taxes, etc. If the repercussion of these on costs, supposes an increase of the price superior to 10% of the total, excluding costs of insurance of trip, the client will be able to cancel the reserve in the 14 following days to the notification of increase of price and to obtain the complete return of the price that until that moment had satisfied.

The price of the trip is always per person and includes everything that is expressly mentioned in the dossier of each trip. The price of the trip does not include: visas, flight tickets, airport taxes, and / or entry and exit fees, vaccination certificates, tips, management and issuance expenses, extras, all kinds of alcoholic beverages, in general, any service not expressly included in the dossier, in the contract or in the documentation that is delivered to the client when subscribing.

Tips: Tips are not included in the price of the trip. The client is informed that in certain destinations the tip becomes practically obligatory.

Optional activities and excursions

While using a The Ocean Spell trip, you may have the chance to engage in optional activities and excursions oblivious to the organisation of The Ocean Spell.  The Ocean Spell does not own, operate or control any of the companies or individuals that provide optional activities or excursions that are offered to customers during the trip.

Any activity not specifically identified as included in the purchase price is an optional activity or excursion.  These activities may be inherently risky. If you choose to book these optional activities, you must be fit enough to engage in them. Booking an optional activity will be subject to the operator’s terms and conditions and under local law. These activities are conducted under the standards of health and safety of the countries where the activities take place, but these standards may not be equivalent to EU or US standards.  This is an inherent risk of travel, and you acknowledge this fact. The Ocean Spell accepts no liability for any act or omission of any of these operators, and any claim you may have in relation to these optional activities and excursions will be against the local operation, and not The Ocean Spell.

Respect the rules/traditions/regulations of the country of destination

Making a booking and traveling with The Ocean Spell implies that the client agrees to submit, expressly, to the authority of The Ocean Spell staff. The client shares the rules of The Ocean Spell manifesto and abides by them. The client must in all cases strictly comply with the laws, customs, foreign policy and regulations of the countries visited.

In the event that it does not notify, or commits any illegal act that may cause danger or discomfort to the other members of the group, the company may resolve the relationship between the client (the contract) without  right of claim and/or return for the guest. Remaining the business, safe from actions and / or claims that the rest of travelers would like to make against the offender of the rules of the trip.

The Ocean Spell reserves the right of admission and expulsion, if necessary, to any person who, due to their disruptive actions, could disrupt the smooth running of the trip and the coexistence of the group.

The traveler expressly exempts The Ocean Spell from any liability, claim, contingency or obligation that may be incurred personally and / or against third parties due to eventual, presumed and / or proven breaches of legislation or regulations of any kind in force in the country of destination. Manifesting the guest for that purpose, knowing its obligation to that respect and its firm and express will to comply with it in all its scope.



Due to the intention to get immersive trips and to deepen in the populations visited, it can not be guaranteed that the conditions of the services (hotels, boats, facilities, transport, roads, food, …) have the same quality in all destinations. Some of these aspects will be unavoidable because they are inherent to the country or region visited, without this entailing a claim for failure, lack or anomaly since the conditions will be part of the characteristics of the destination. Most of our trips are to developing countries, with their own traditions, rules, and ways of doing things, as well as in wild locations, such as jungles or areas where there are plenty of insects. 

Legal Age

Customers under the age of eighteen (18) participating in a The Ocean Spell trip must have permission from a parent or guardian, and  must be accompanied by a person over the age of eighteen 18, accredited by parents/guardian. The parents will be given a phone number where they will be able to contact the child during the trip. 


The client must be in possession of a valid passport to enter and leave the country or countries of destination along the travel itinerary, as well as visas, permits and certificates, whatever they may be requested, including vaccinations, as well as of mandatory subscription insurance. It is the client’s exclusive obligation to obtain such documents, permits, certificates, etc., as well as the maintenance of their validity and suitability during the entire trip, being their responsibility any damage that for non-compliance of the referred in this paragraph could occur. The lack of veracity and / or accuracy, whether voluntary or involuntary, in the data that the client communicates to the company, will be your sole responsibility, as well as all subsequent consequences for the booking of tickets, insurance contracting or processing of visas. Any information or notice given by the company on visas, vaccines, weather, clothing, luggage, etc., is indicative, provided to the client as a courtesy, being the client, therefore, responsible for possible errors or omissions in the information provided. Travel documents issued by The Ocean Spell such as dossiers, itineraries, and invoices will be sent by e-mail, and available once the full payment has been made by the customer.

​Cession of the booking, in group trips

1.- The traveler may assign his/her reservation of the trip to a person who meets all the conditions required for it, and must be approved by The Ocean Spell.

2.- The cession must be communicated in durable support to the organizer at least seven calendar days before the start of the trip, and must be confirmed by The Ocean Spell in durable support to the clients involved.

3.- Assignor and assignee will be jointly and severally liable for the amount pending payment of the agreed price, as well as commission, surcharge or other additional costs derived from the assignment.

The costs will not exceed the costs actually incurred by the organiser due to the assignment, who will provide the assignee with the proof of the charges derived from the transfer.

4.- Make sure that the trip is not subject to special conditions that do not allow the assignment.


Cancellation by the client

At all times, the user or consumer may withdraw from the services requested or contracted, being entitled to the refund of the amounts paid, applying a surcharge as detailed below. The following cancellation terms will apply, except for specific mentions in the description of the selected trip (see Particular Conditions Terms of the trip):

  • With more than 20 days before departure, and 20 days after contracting the trip: management fees, cancellation fees, if any, and a penalty of 5% of the total amount of the trip will be paid.
  • Between 10 and 20 days before departure: management fees, cancellation fees, if any, and a penalty consisting of 10% of the total amount of the trip will be paid.
  • Between 3 and 10 days before departure: management fees, cancellation fees, if any, and a penalty consisting of 20% of the total amount of the trip will be paid.
  • Within 48 hours of the day before departure: the amount that results from the price of the combined trip minus the cost savings and the income derived from the alternative use of travel services.
  • To the amounts accrued by the previously agreed percentages, the traveler must also pay for tourist services that are subject to special conditions that do not allow reimbursement of the amount paid for such concept.

However, when there are unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances in the place of destination or in the vicinity that significantly affect the execution of the trip, the traveler has the right to terminate the contract without penalty, and will be reimbursed the payment made.

The traveler is entitled to be reimbursed for all payments without additional compensation when the organiser cancels:

a) if the number of travelers is less than that specified in the contract and the cancellation has been notified:
In the 20 calendar days before the start of the trip if the trip lasts more than 6 days.
In the 7 calendar days before the start of the trip if the trip lasts between 2 and 6 days.
In the 48 hours before the start of the trip if the trip lasts less than 2 days.

b) If the organizer can not execute the contract due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances and the cancellation is notified to the traveler without undue delay before the start of the trip.

The refund, when appropriate, will be made without delay and within a period not exceeding 14 calendar days from the termination of the trip.

Failure to show up at the exit, the traveler is obliged to pay the total amount of the trip, paying, if necessary, the outstanding amounts unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

​Some trips (like our surf boat trips) are subject to special and specific cancellation conditions. In the event that the program includes boats, cruises, circuits or other services subject to special economic conditions, the amount of the cancellation expenses could be up to 100% of the total price of the trip regardless of the days in advance of the cancellation.

​In  case of surf and / or yoga trips, they are subject to special contracting conditions. The cancellation of a surf trip by the client could lead to cancellation costs of the total amount of the trip if no substitute client was found for the canceled seat, since the cancellation could put the trip at risk, due to the special conditions of contracting of this type of expeditions. These cancellation fees may include the total amount of air or sea services, surf courses, special packages, since the conditions required by the operators of these services outside the travel agency are not reimbursable, becoming an expense for the travel agency for the contracting of such services, so these amounts must be charged to the client.

In the detailed documentation of the trip, the cancellation conditions that apply are always mentioned.

All cancellations must be made in writing and taken from the time at which the request in writing was received by The Ocean Spell.

Note of the company: we highly recommend clients to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy with CFAR terms (Cancel For Any Reason).

Cancellation of the trip by the company

In the event that the cancellation arises from the lack of customers to complete the minimum group of participants, the company reserves the right to cancel by notifying it with a minimum of 20 days before the departure date of the trip, which will mean the return full of the amount paid by the client. When a trip is canceled by the company, the client can choose between the total refund of the amount paid or choose another trip from among those offered by the company. The company is not responsible for the expenses that may arise from the reservation such as visas, vaccinations, connection flights or loss of fun, etc. Upon cancellation by the company, the client may choose to terminate the contract without any penalty, that is, with full refund of the amounts that until then had paid or accept a modification of the contract proposed by the company where they are needed the variations introduced and their impact on the price. The consumer must communicate the decision that he adopts to the company within three days after being notified of the cancellation by the company. For these purposes, the phone and/or email given by the client when accepting the offer and the start date of the period indicated is that of the date of reception of the communication by the client. If the trip proposed by the company is lower cost than originally booked, the difference will be returned to the client. If the trip has a higher cost, then the customer must pay the difference.

​There will be no obligation to compensate in the following cases:

  • When the cancellation is due to the fact that the number of people registered for the trip is lower than the required and thus written communication to the client before the deadline set for this purpose in the contract. In this case, the company will only be obliged to return the reservation of the trip paid by the client in full.
  • When the cancellation of the trip, except in cases of excess reserves, is due to reasons of force majeure, meaning those circumstances beyond the invoking, abnormal and unpredictable whose consequences could not have been avoided, despite having acted with the due diligence.

​No use of services

There will be no discounts or refunds for the loss or non-use of services due to the voluntary or involuntary termination of the trip, for example, illness, death of a family member, etc.

Note of the company: our trips include a cancellation insurance, please check the conditions.

Changes made by the company

The company reserves the right to change services or prices described in its travel offer, on the website or in any other way, before the reservation is made. If this change is made and the client already has the offer of the company, he will be informed when making the reservation. In general, the company will keep the trips operational as they were announced, although changes can be made to the itinerary when it is necessary or the company advises them. If a substantial change is made, the company will inform the customer as soon as we can, before departure. Substantial change is understood as affecting more than 1 in every 5 days of travel. If this change is due to reasons of major cause or unpredictable circumstances there will be no right to compensation. In a different case, the customer will have the right to choose between accepting the change, request cancellation and return of the amounts delivered or accept an alternative travel proposal.

Change of destination/trip by client

The change of reservation from one trip to another will only be possible before 60 days prior to the departure date and as long as The Ocean Spell approves it. In case it is approved, The Ocean Spell reserves the right to charge an administrative penalty of 10% of the value of the first booked trip.


If you are eligible for a refund once a booking has been cancelled, the balance less any non-refundable amounts will be forwarded to you upon receipt of the refund from the applicable operator. Refunds take upward of 14 days to process.

Failure to provide services

If, during the trip, the client appreciates the existence of a defect or the lack of provision of a contracted service, he/she should immediately inform The Ocean Spell and, of course, the service provider. In such case, once communicated, The Ocean Spell must act with the due diligence to find suitable solutions.

In the event that, after the departure of the trip, The Ocean Spell does not provide or verify that it can not supply an important part of the services provided in the travel documentation, it will adopt the appropriate solutions for the continuation of the trip, without any additional price and, where appropriate, pay the client the amount of the differences between the benefits expected and those provided. If the client continues the trip with the solutions given by The Ocean Spell, it will be considered that he/she accepts these proposals tacitly. If the solutions adopted by The Ocean Spell are unfeasible or the consumer does not accept them for reasonable reasons, the company must provide the guest, without any price supplement, with a means of transport equivalent to that used in the trip to return to the place of departure or to any other both have agreed, without prejudice to the compensation that may be appropriate.

In no case, everything not included in the package travel contract, (such as, for example, transport tickets from the place of origin of the passenger to the place of departure of the trip, or vice versa, hotel reservations in days before or after to the trip, etc.) will be the responsibility of The Ocean Spell, there being no obligation to compensate for those possible expenses of independent services. If the transfers / assistance of the hotel-airport or vice versa or other similar, included in the offer, were not met, mainly for causes alien to the transfer operator and not attributable to The Ocean Spell, the company will reimburse the amount of the alternative transportation used by the client in the trip, upon presentation of the corresponding receipt or invoice.


Although all the attention has been paid to reviewing the contents of the website, the company will not be responsible for errors, unintentional omissions that may appear. The client knows and accepts that the nature of the trip is of an adventure and surf and that it may involve a relevant personal risk. The client, aware of the official recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality of the Government where he/she resides, assumes and accepts this risk and excludes the company from any claim related to damages or even death arising from this inherent risk.

The Ocean Spell will respond to the client, depending on the obligations that correspond to them for their respective scope of travel management, for the correct fulfillment of the obligations derived from the contract, regardless of whether they are to be performed by them or by other service providers, and without prejudice to the right of The Ocean Spell to act against such service providers. The Ocean Spell states that  assumes the functions of organization and execution of the trip. The Ocean Spell will be liable for the damages suffered by the client as a consequence of the non-execution or deficient execution of what is included in the contract.

Such responsibility shall cease when any of the following circumstances occur: 1. When the defects observed in the execution of the items included in the travel documents are attributable to the customer. 2. When such defects are attributable to a third party that is not involved in the provision of the services envisaged in the contract and that are unforeseeable or insurmountable. 3. When the aforementioned defects are due to reasons of major force, understanding as such those circumstances unrelated to the party invoking them, abnormal and unforeseeable whose consequences could not have been avoided, despite having acted with due diligence. 4. When the defects are due to an event that the company, despite having put all the necessary diligence could not foresee or overcome. However, in cases of exclusion of liability for any of the circumstances provided in numbers 2, 3 and 4, the company will be obliged to provide the necessary assistance to the consumer who is in difficulties.

The Ocean Spell shall not be responsible or liable for any death, disability, injury, damage, liability, loss, cost, expense, delay, inconvenience and/or loss of enjoyment which is or may be suffered or incurred by you or any other person or corporation caused or contributed to directly or indirectly by or arising from or in connection with:

a) any force majeure or other events beyond The Ocean Spell`s control, including but not limited to war, civil disturbance or unrest, terrorism, acts of government or any authorities, weather, tsunami, earthquake, wind, fire, flood, strikes or industrial action, illegal activities, accidents, failure of transport carriers, machinery or equipment;

b) the inability of The Ocean Spell, tour operators, charter operators, hoteliers or carriers to comply with any special request relating to age, medical conditions, physical ability or disability, dietary requirements, allergic conditions or smoking or non-smoking accommodation or seating;

c) negligence by, delay in or cancellation of services or any other act or omission of any airline, charter boat operation, land operator, transfer company or any other persons or company providing goods or services in respect to your booking arrangements; and/or

d) you or any other person contravening or failing to comply with any laws, notices, instructions, tour information or itinerary provided by any Government, regulatory authority, tour operators, charter operators, hoteliers or carriers or otherwise any other act or omission of you or any other person, including being affected by alcohol or drugs, engaging in dangerous behavior, being reckless, not taking adequate precautions or due personal care or otherwise entering into situations exceeding your or any other person’s abilities.

​The Ocean Spell is an agent for and is not itself an airline, transport carrier, resort or hotel owner or operator, boat owner charter or operator, transfer company or otherwise (a “Service Provider”) and as such has no control over any services or product provided by such Service Providers. You and your travel arrangements are subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by all Service Providers utilized by you, whether or not written notice thereof has been provided or shown to you.

Neither The Ocean Spell nor any of its representatives shall be liable to you or any other person in the event that, due to any reason whatsoever, satisfactory surf is not available, perceived or expected climatic patterns or oceanic occurrences do not occur, the surf is of too great a magnitude or is beyond your capabilities or comfort zones, or atmospheric or oceanic visibility is impaired or any sporting or leisure activity is too dangerous or is restricted, or too crowded. These matters are solely at your risk and you engage in all activities at your own choice at all times. The Ocean Spell and its Service Providers are not required to assess or monitor your capabilities or participation in any such activity nor advise or update you on any such matter. 

It is the responsibility of each client to check all details of their itinerary against their instructions and advise The Ocean Spell within a reasonable time of any errors or discrepancies. If The Ocean Spell does not receive notification of any errors or discrepancies, it will be assumed that all details are correct. All corrections requested not within a reasonable time or after the payment of any trip segment will be treated as a change to the booking and may incur consequential fees.

The Ocean Spell does not warrant, and is in no way responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any information given or statements made or implied by any employee, contractor, agent or representative of the company or any of its Service Providers.

Surf/snorkel/yoga accident liability

In no case may liability or compensation be claimed from the travel agency for accidents that have occurred as a result of surfing and/or snorkelling and /or yoga during life on board cruises or any of the programs presented/organised by The Ocean Spell that include the practice of these sports. It is the sole responsibility of each traveler  / surfer any accident that the practice of these sports could cause, not being able to demand the traveler any compensation to the travel agency for the damages that could derive from the practice of said sports.


If the client has a complaint / claim against the company during the course of the trip, the client must first inform the contact person of The Ocean Spell, so that appropriate solutions can be undertaken to their complaint, acting with due diligence. If you still can not reach satisfaction, then a new complaint must be submitted by email to info@theoceanspell.com to the company as soon as possible. However, the statute of limitations of the rights recognized in Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, (BOE 287, of November 30, 2007), will be two years, as established in art. 164 of said Law. The Ocean Spell will have 45 calendar days to respond to the claim raised by the client.

Claims must be made to the trip organizer, the prescription period is two years.

​When the trip is made by cars, coaches “vans” or similar contracted by the company, directly or indirectly, in case of accident, whatever the country where it occurs, the customer must submit the relevant claim against the carrier entity in order to safeguard, in its case, the indemnification of the insurance of this one, being helped and advised gratuitously in such managements by The Ocean Spell.

Client´s duty to limit damage

The consumer is obliged to take the measures that are necessary and / or adequate to try to reduce the damages that may arise from the non-execution or defective execution of the contract to prevent it from becoming worse. The damages that derive from not having adopted such measures will be the responsibility of the traveler.

Passports, visas and documentation

The Ocean Spell is available to the client to inform about the sanitary formalities necessary for the trip and the stay as well as about the conditions applicable to the citizens of the European Union regarding passports and visas.

​It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure proper and valid documentation. 

​The Ocean Spell requires every customer to have a valid form of government issued photo ID. Most destinations require a valid passport for travel and in certain cases a visa or affidavit may be required. Please verify with the consulate or embassy of the country of travel to ensure that you have all necessary travel documents. Please note that entry to another country may be refused even if the required information and travel documents are complete. The Ocean Spell will neither reimburse nor assume responsibility for any customer denied boarding or refused passage or entrance to any destination for any reason.

​All customers without exception, (children included), must carry in order their personal and family documentation, (ID, passport, visa and the relative to sanitary formalities), according to the laws of the country or countries that are visited or in transit. It will be on their account when the trips so require the obtaining of visas, passports, vaccination certificates, etc. If the granting of visas is rejected by any Authority, for particular reasons of the user, or its entry into the country is denied due to lack of requirements that are required, or by defect in the required documentation, or because he/she doesn’t have the documentation with them at the time of the request, The Ocean Spell declines all responsibility for acts of this nature, being on behalf of the client any expense that originates, applying in these circumstances the conditions and rules established for the cases of voluntary withdrawal of services.

Children under 18 years of age must have written permission signed by both parents, by the parent who has custody or guardian, in anticipation that it can be requested by any authority.

Surfing services

Unless otherwise stated in the particular terms or in the additional stipulations, the required gear for surfing, bodyboarding, stand up paddle, windsurfing, kitesurfing or others is not included. Rental of any other gear, regardless of the circumstances involved, including misplaced luggage during the tour, is not included. 

The client should pay locally for any additional services not included in the original contract and which are offered and organized by the provider at the destination. 

For residents of Spain, the services hired can include a specific insurance for wave sports (surfing, bodyboarding or SUP). Clients who do not reside in Spain should purchase such insurance in their country of origin. 

​By hiring the services, the client recognizes that he or she is fully fit to practice these sports, and The Ocean Spell cannot be held responsible, without prejudice to the general rules, for any situations which might arise from the practice of these activities.

Photography services

In no case may liability or compensation be claimed from the travel agency for problems with the photography services.

Mandatory Insurance

It is mandatory to purchase comprehensive travel insurance that specifically covers surfing, in addition to insurance that covers cancellation (not mandatory but recommended), medical, evacuation and repatriation expenses, personal injury and accident, death, and loss of personal baggage and money, as well as personal liability insurance.

The guests will not be able to board our trips without such insurance policy, it is mandatory to join our trips. 

Minors traveling

In trips where a minor/s are not accompanied by a family member or other authorized adult (as long as the trip includes accommodation): the person and phone of direct contact with the person responsible for his/her wellbeing must be provided.

Other complimentary information

Baggage: For all purposes and in terms of land transport, it is understood that the user’s luggage and other personal belongings are kept with them, regardless of the part of the vehicle in which they are placed, and that they are transported at their own risk. Clients are advised to be present in all baggage loading and unloading operations. In terms of air, rail, maritime or fluvial baggage transport, the conditions of the carriers are applicable, with the ticket being the binding document between the aforementioned companies and the passenger. In the event of suffering any damage or loss, the consumer must present, in the spot, the timely claim to the Transport Company. 

When the client is going to conduct/undertake special activities that by their nature carry additional risks not included in the established Insurance, The Ocean Spell declines all responsibility and advises to individually subscribe licenses through federations or specific insurance for the activity to be performed.

The photographs and maps reproduced in the program-brochure are intended only to provide more information to customers. In case of any modification, it can not be considered as deceptive advertising by The Ocean Spell.

Sometimes the authorities of some countries modify upwards, unilaterally, some entry fees, exit fees, or visits that were already included in the initial budget. These differences, if they occur, will be paid directly by the travelers.

Arbitration clause

The Ocean Spell expressly declares its refusal to submit to the Transportation Arbitration Courts for any matter arising from the existence of this contract.

Legislation and jurisdiction

This contract is subject to the Spanish Legislation (and no other), to Law 7/1998, of April 13, 1998, General Conditions of the Contract, and, in the event that any point included in this condition is invalid, this condition must be considered as severe and amended as necessary to maintain the validity of these general conditions and maintain the contractual link.

The parties expressly waiving their own jurisdiction are subject to the resolution of any litigation that may arise to resolve the discrepancies or claims that arise in the interpretation or execution of this contract, to the Courts and Tribunals of Malaga.

​Any disputes arising from this contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Spanish law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Kingdom of Spain.  The customer and The Ocean Spell must attempt to settle any and all disputes through negotiation before bringing any matter to court.

The Terms & Conditions both General and Particular, constitute the entire legally binding agreement between The Ocean Spell and the customer and/or the legal parent or guardian and supersede all prior or contemporaneous communications whether electronic, oral or written.  The invalidity of any provision contained herein does not affect the validity of any other provision listed.

Miscellaneous clauses

Should any part or clause of the current General Conditions come to be rendered null or void, the other clauses will remain in force and their global validity will not be affected, unless it is possible to conclude that the parties would not have agreed to the rendering of services or the provision of the product had they been aware of the nullity or inefficacy of the clause in question.


  • The remaining special conditions will be posted on the website and referred to in the proposals of each individual package – specific conditions – which are part of the tour contract.
  • The present general conditions can be complemented by any other specific conditions so long as these are agreed upon by both parties.
  • The program prices are based on the average value of the dollar, so any relevant change in this currency can imply a revision of the prices under the terms referred to in  “Price Changes”.
  • Due to the constant fluctuation in oil prices, there might be changes to the fuel supplement included in the price, according to the terms referred to in  “Price Changes”.
  • The hotel and boat categories on the website and in the proposals follow the quality regulations of the host countries and may be changed for similar hotels or boats if, for reasons not attributable to the agency it is not possible to keep or to confirm an existing reservation. In these situations the agency is obliged to inform the client as soon as this situation presents itself.
  • When the “Openboats” suffer malfunctions the operators will do whatever possible to resolve the malfunction as quickly as possible. The group will be taken to the peaks using the support boat during the time it takes for the repair. If the time necessary for the repair exceeds 48 hours the agency and the local provider will try to find an alternative boat with similar characteristics. If no alternative boats are found the agency will try to place the clients in a Guest House or accommodation equivalent to the category of the boat which had been reserved. If no alternatives are available, or if it is in the interest of the clients, the client will be reimbursed for the days of the program which were not used.

Privacy policy

Regarding the personal data of the client that are provided, please check our Privacy Policy.

Use of graphic material

The contracting of a trip implies the authorization of the traveler to The Ocean Spell so that we make use of the images and videos made in the trip for the purposes of The Ocean Spell promotion (publication on the website, social networks, sending offers, contests, exhibitions, articles in magazines / websites).


The validity and date of publication appear in the corresponding dossier.

Date of edition: December 23 2020.