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Our mission and vision

At The Ocean Spell, our mission is to make real and fulfil the surf travel dreams of fellow surfers by creating unique and meaningful surf travel experiences.

Our vision is surfers as propellers for positive change,  inspiring others through surfing, by focusing towards social and environmental wellbeing.

The importance of surfing in Ancient Hawaiian times

In those times, surfing was for everyone, regardless of age, gender, social status…everyone surfed.

During the good swell season, responsibilities changed, no work no wars, however during those 4-5 months it was all about enjoying the surf and time, about playing in nature.
Somewhere along the timeline, the true essence of surfing was lost.

Surf for a positive change

We believe surf and surfers are powerful, with authority within society, including the capacity to inspire others. This can be used for good, to change the big picture.

Our contribution is by challenging the status quo as a hybrid surf travel agency and sustainable surf tourism consultancy; including an inclusive surf platform and community.

At The Ocean Spell Surf Travel Agency we organize dream surf holidays, developing sustainable tourism practices, supporting local providers and communities.

Once-in-a-lifetime holidays

Designing responsible once-in-a-lifetime surf adventures for fellow surfers is our passion. Whether you are looking for meaningful time surfing with your loved ones or with your friends, or the chance to reconnect with yourself, connecting with the ocean or meeting fascinating people with different stories to tell, we design surf holidays for those who wish to take part in something bigger.

We do not sell to the tourist,
we do not sell to the deal-catcher tourist.
We cater to the real surf traveller.

Be a traveller

Fortunately, travellers have nothing to do with tourists.
For travellers, travelling is a journey in search for something much more profound. We strive to make sure our guests connect on an emotional level with the destination and all it encompasses. This includes its people, history, culture, food and nature. It is a lot more than just a physical trip of waves and beets. It is a journey for transformation.
Adding to it our ingredient, integrating the travellers with the local community, as they both nurture and learn from each other. It is a journey for both the travellers and the community. It is a whole.
Local surf transfer in motorbike Maldives

Our crew

Often described as surf buddies, our designers, coaches, photographers, guides, love what they do. You can trust that you will get expert recommendations from someone who surfs, travels, and has been in your shoes.

Our way of working and organising might seem different, we don´t work with you just via email, we want to know you. We dont ask you where, we want to know why, because understanding your motivations, desires and expectations is how we make sure the surf adventure is right for you. If we sense that the fit is not quite, be sure we will share our honest opinion and offer advice.

The Ocean Spell founder

Silvia San Laureano, an industrial engineer who quickly made a purposeful living from her passion, surfing and the ocean, through academic research at universities in Australia and Europe. Her main focus being coastal management, and sustainability of surf tourism.

As a result of the scarcity in high quality welcoming surf travel experiences where solo surfers could join to a like-minded group, she started to organise her own with the best surf professionals and providers. Quickly what was just some fun surf trips, grew into the project we now know as The Ocean Spell Surf Travel Agency.

The Ocean Spell is formed by fellow surfers, academic researchers, surf photographers, high performance coaches, collaborators, and people like you wanting to change the big picture, and believing in surfing as a powerful tool for social and environmental positive change.

Our trips are designed around responsible travel principles, aiming to support organisations and people that preserve habitats and empower local communities.


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