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Surf Honeymoons

Looking to go on a honeymoon adventure where you can surf? Look no further. Our surf travel experts will have a video call with you to understand your needs and desires, so we can design a mindblowing surf honeymoon experience for you and your loved one.
No problem if just one of you surfs, or both, or you have different surf levels, or neither of you surf….we can design different alternatives that fit your dreams, including great options for non surfers.

Tailor-Made Surf Vacation

Our surf travel experts will design the surf getaway that caters to your needs, desires, and preferences. We don’t have fixed itineraries or packages, we design your experience personally for you, and hand by hand with you. That is why for us is mandatory to know you, get in your shoes, understand your surf level, the type of waves you are after, the kind of trip you want, to guarantee your surf vacation is highly maximised. That is why a video-call is a must for us.

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Luxury Remote Resorts

If you are looking for a surf experience where you can combine surfing remote waves, combined with luxury, high comforts and excellent service in a wild secluded spot, lost in paradise…look no further, we got you covered.

Inclusivity & Accessibility

Our team is focused to offer inclusivity and accessibility for anyone keen to have some fun surfing and travelling with purpose. We can all help change the current scene, making it more diverse, accessible and kind.

All Levels & Styles Welcome

Surf travel is available for all levels and styles. No matter if you are a longboarder, shortboarder, bodyboarder, SUP…we cater for all options and levels. Even if you have never ever surfed, but you want to have a safe and responsible introduction. We got you covered.

Corporate and Surf

Combining surfing with corporate matters is a gem of a mix. The possibility of having a work event in a surf resort or a surf charter, combining meetings and surfing. Negotiations and learnings will be smooth and salty.

We have organised several corporate events at our surf resorts, holding an incredible experience for work and surf.

Remote Adventures

Looking to get lost? Look no further, we will design your personalized remote surf adventure. Uncrowded pristine neverending waves. You can also combine staying on land and on a boat.

Surf Charters

Surf holidays on a boat is a mindblowing experience, very different to land, with both pros and cons. We are usually asked if it is easy to get dizzy due to the movement, normally it is not a problem, some guests decide to take pills the first couple of days, but soon realise they don’t need them. At night the boats always anchor in calm lagoons, where the movement is just like the one of a cradle, added to the ocean’s lullaby, peaceful sleep. The biggest advantage of staying on a surf charter is that you get to explore a bigger area, hence more and different range of waves to surf in.

Our surf charters fleet has been carefully hand picked, making sure that the boat owners/providers have a sustainable and open-minded vision. We work with surf charters all around the world, you can check out some of our suggestions in Maldives and Indonesia.

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Surfing has no age! It is never too late to start surfing, or to return to surf, or to keep on shredding.
Our surf travel experts design trips that can cater for a multi-generational group, making sure the trip is accessible and friendly for everyone.


Romantic surf getaways, we are specialists in creating the perfect passionate unforgettable surfing sneaky trip for couples, both in resorts and surf charters.

Solo Surf Travellers

Surf travel is possible for surfers who travel solo.

There are options to be accommodated both in resorts and open surf charters, without the need to have your own full group. Get in touch with our surf travel experts and we will share with you all the insights.


Travelling in search of waves is a dream for many families. Being able to share one of their biggest passions with their loved ones. Yes, we do cater for families, designing trips that are kids friendly.

Non Surfers

Being a non surfer can be a bit of challenge if you want to travel with a surfer, as sometimes if the trip is not well designed you end up just watching others shred the waves, while you can just relax under the sun, hey… not a bad option. If you are after more and different activities, we can design a great varied experience, making sure both surfers and non-surfers are satisfied.


Groups of friends, family, surf clubs, etc. can find with us a great way to travel with purpose, making sure their needs and desires are taken into account in the design of the ultimate group surf experience.

Travelling as a group is a great option if you intend to maximise the experience with lower costs. Plenty of options both in resorts and surf charters, in different parts of the world. We do prefer to work with a maximum of 10-12 pax per group, to guarantee not to overcrowd peaks and respect the locals and other travellers.

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The Ocean Spell Booking Process


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Work with one of our specialists to plan your dream surf getaway.

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Enjoy your surf trip of a lifetime!