Maldives Surf Coaching Retreats

with Kassia Meador & Leah Dawson


Stoked to announce this special collaboration!

Kassia Meador & Leah Dawson joining forces with our tribe to put together this rad Salty Sensations edition all the way from the Californian beaches to the Maldives.

Have you been wanting to improve your surfing and looking for techniques and tips to speed up the process? Kassia and Leah have a lifetime of surf knowledge and the perfect, playful waves of the Maldives is the ideal playground for you to have the best time and up-level your surfing. We have chosen mid October to beginning of November, being the shoulder season to off-season window, expecting long fun peelers.

This surf trip is one of a kind, getting a chance not only to surf and improve our surfing abilities, and style, but to truly connect with the authentic Maldives, and give back to the community with our very special team.

We have prepared 2 exclusive retreats aboard a luxury sailing charter in one of the world’s most abundant surfing locations. Which suits you better?

First Session

Second Session